September 29, 2015
Stephen Dent enjoys cooking and creating his own recipes. He's well aware this is not the typical hobby of a man of his age living in the United States, but it is nevertheless something that he enjoys a great deal. Whether it is grilling steaks, making Pho, creating his own sushi, or figuring out a new way to cook spaghetti, he is as happy as he can be in the kitchen. This happiness comes through experimentation and the freedom that he feels when creating his own recipes. While he's perfectly happy cooking from someone else's recipe, he enjoys creating something that is uniquely his.

It is important, though, when Stephen Dent is creating a new recipe, to remember to keep things simple. He often wants to use too many different materials and tastes, which can end up looking, and tasting, too busy. Reminding himself to keep things simple means that he is able to find a compromise between his ambition in the kitchen and what he knows he can cook successfully. This is the area where experimentation is successful with recipes. Stephen Dent's recipes are usually tasty, though, regardless of what he is cooking or how much experimentation is involved.
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